Poltergeist in Kitchen

This ghost video was recorded by a Toronto resident who wanted to figure out what is roaming his kitchen at night time. He was suspecting a cat until he reviewed the tape when it became clear that a poltergeist is responsible for the opening of the oven and throwing kitchen items on the floor.

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  1. By: Akyera

    I like your video so much

  2. By: liezl ann b. andrade

    OMG!!! huwwww
    iam so scared with this scary viedos icant watch it without person beside me because iwill shout it out….. ahhhhhhhhh
    but in truth iwant to watch a scary videos because iwant to know that how the ghost huntig us………Hmmmmm
    ok that’s alll thanks for reading this ^_^ 🙂


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